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The Teachings are a compilation of the Messages, which the Masters delivered through Eternia through automatic-writing. They are aimed to elucidate man on the dynamics of living a healthful life. The concept of peace is grossly misunderstood among humankind. People try all kinds of things to attain the stillness within. While some depend on things of matter for their inner peace and satisfaction, others believe in the power of anger and revenge against the injustices done to them in order to squelch their inner turmoil and put their minds to rest. Yet, there are those who believe in the fallacy that their inner peace depends on the peace outside, and with that they try to control the people and situations around them to suit their idea of peacefulness.

Through the Teachings, the Higher Ones have exemplified the power of unconditional love and forgiveness to set aright the imperfections and injustices in your life. Peace and happiness, for which man goes about scavenging hopelessly amidst the transient trivialities of the material world, are in fact, within the grasp of each individual. The knowledge imparted through the articles help unveil the secret to attaining true serenity of the mind for an enriching and a wholesome existence on Earth. The Teachings serve to indoctrinate moral values and the eternal Truths in the hearts and minds of the readers with the intention to raise their consciousness, and to bring about the greater awareness of their true divine individuality as the powerful beings of Light.

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