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is a website that is constructed specially for all mankind, preparing them for the new changes and for the personal ascension into the Golden Age.

Some of you are aware that Planet Earth is undergoing severe changes; stressful times are ahead for the Mother and Her children. Major upheavals will shake and rattle the Earth in Her effort to throw off all the negative energies and pollutants that have settled heavily upon Her Body for eons thereby oppressing Her in every way.

FLAMING VICTORY as the name suggests, shows man the steps to his eternal victory by helping him to raise his consciousness and to be centred in the Light of God. The messages are aimed to shatter all the wrong conditionings and false beliefs, all the hardened substance of impurities that are the cause of all the pain and suffering in his life, being and world. The Victory will liberate man from all the limitations of his spiritually undeveloped mind and will assist him to live beyond all pettiness of human mentality that seeks to destroy him and others around him; this nastiness has done nothing but wrought death and destruction unto himself and to all life-forms on Earth. It is to prepare man for the devastating times ahead of him, to wean him away from the passions of animalism and the forces of darkness that are controlling him; it is to guide him towards the light of unconditional love and forgiveness and to help him realize his divine identity as a child of God.

© Flaming Victory