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Let Peace be your companion eternal and true
Through all life-situations and storms that brew.
In the Light of Peace you can never be lost
No sleepless nights to turn and toss.
And perceive all solutions as clear as day
That come with the problems every step of the way.

Allow the waters of the River of Life to take you along your charted Path. When you join in the flow with grace and poise, your peace is ensured despite the outside chaotic noise.

When troubles bog you down and you feel out of sorts. Just go deep within and listen to the silence that prevails in the core of your heart.
The stillness will wash over you like a soothing balm, revitalising you, and restoring in you the misplaced peace and calm.

Pray for your enemies because they are on whom you depend for your peace and happiness.

Don't try to change the world around you for your peace and happiness; it will not happen. Live in acceptance always, & peace is yours for keeps.

© Flaming Victory